We believe the power of love can change the world. We believe that a wedding gown expresses the light inside every bride. We believe that love should be given as big of a platform as possible, and that fashion is an avenue to make an impact. We believe that quality of construction, and beautiful fabrics combined with exquisite designs can truly create magic for a bride, and that who she is should be embraced, celebrated and expressed in each unique design.

We believe a wedding gown goes beyond a normal garment. It is to express love. What kind of impact can love create, and what difference can a wedding dress make? For brides who wear ALiNA VOCE’ on their wedding day, their dress represents a crucial contribution to the ongoing effort to free those who are lost in the underworld of human trafficking.

Millions of people are bought and sold, enslaved and abused, with no way to escape. If they are ever to be free, someone must rescue them.

The ALiNA VOCE’ collection supports the operatives at The Exodus Road, who work directly with local law enforcement to find and rescue these voiceless victims who suffer in silence. A portion from every dream gown sold from this collection is donated to support the valiant work of The Exodus Road.

ALiNA VOCE’ channels the light of your love into the darkest places on earth, bringing freedom and life to the victims of human trafficking.

Your love can free someone you’ve never met, in a place you’ve never been, and give them the chance to someday find a love like yours. Love can be the legacy you begin for someone else, when you walk the aisle and experience your day in a gown by Alina Vóce. Your happily ever after could be precisely what is necessary to rescue someone from the unhappy bondage of life lived as a slave.

The light in you will never shine brighter than it will on your wedding day, with ALiNA VOCE’. Let your love light up the world!