In your life, your dreams are coming true.

Love is shining brightly, and it’s rays are warming every corner of your heart. Life is beautiful, and the world seems to be a place full of hope and possibilities.

Your dream wedding dress is something that tells the world what you are feeling inside. It is about expressing who you are, and celebrating the love you feel. No matter what you feel, ALiNA VOCE’ designs are created to speak your heart to the world. The elegant lines, soft or dramatic silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, and unique perspectives of these gowns will show the world the beauty and depth of who you are. These gorgeous gowns are designed to shine whether at a beach wedding, a barn wedding, a cathedral wedding, a rustic barn wedding, a winery wedding, a garden wedding, or even a micro-wedding! They are designed to do one thing, let the light of love that is in you shine brightly to the world around you.

But at ALiNA VOCE’, we believe strongly that your love has the power to go beyond just one day of celebration. We believe that your love can and should reach far and wide to impact the world!

On your wedding day, What can your love do for the world? With an ALiNA VOCE’ gown, your wedding dress can literally bring freedom to the victims of human trafficking. You will feel the most amazing you have ever felt in your lift in your gown, and on top of taking everyone’s breath away with the perfection of your dress, you will breathe life into another person who desperately needs rescued. As love has reached in and empowered you to be more and to do more in your life, your gown can literally provide freedom to victims of human trafficking. A life lost to the darkness could find its way back into the light.

Love brings freedom. Everywhere it exists, love frees people to experience something better than they previously knew. Love is the light that shines into the dark places of this world and brings safety where once there was danger.

Alina Vóce donates a portion of the proceeds from every gown to The Exodus Road, an organization that identifies hotspots and facilitates rescue missions with local law enforcement to free sons and daughters from abuse and slavery.

The Exodus Road is a global organization strategically fighting human trafficking by working with police to gather evidence, facilitate rescue missions, and empower aftercare for survivors. We also offer trainings and technology to equip others in the work on the front lines. Founded in 2011, our trained operatives are ordinary heroes with a proven track record of over 1,375 rescues and 688 trafficker arrests.

Alina Vóce – the light in you. Let your light shine.